Tribal Village Workshop 2011

Tribal Village Workshop with Carolena Nericcio and Megha Gavin
September 8 – 16, 2011

Tribal Village is a residential dance intensive offering the rare opportunity to train in American Tribal Style Bellydance (ATS) with founder Carolena Nericcio and her senior co-teacher Megha Gavin in an immersion setting.

The Tribal Village project evolved from Carolena and Megha’s desire to give their students the chance to learn, dance, and deepen their practice together, to share meals and lodging, and to meet old and new friends in the context of a retreat devoted to American Tribal Style Bellydance. This will be the first Tribal Village held in the United States.

Tribal:Pura, General Skills Certification and ATS Teacher Training will be taught consecutively from September 8 -16, 2011 in beautiful Crestone, Colorado. These workshops can be taken singly or in combination.

All workshops will be taught, and participants will be lodged, at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center. The Zen Center is renowned for its excellent vegetarian cuisine, stunning mountain setting and welcoming staff.

American Tribal Style Belly Dance (ATS) is modern performance art form that fuses influences from Middle Eastern, Indian, North African and flamenco dance traditions. Adapted and stylized for a contemporary audience, ATS movements are a blend of power and grace that express both a rootedness in the beloved dances of other times and cultures, and a gaze into the future of bellydance.

American Tribal Style dancers use an improvisational choreography based on a language of gestural and spatial cues to communicate with each other. In this way, they create spontaneous, complex and ever-changing dance pieces uniquely suited to the music and setting of the present moment.

Thursday and Friday, September 8 and 9, 2011

Tribal:Pura is an alchemy of art and science, our exploration of Traditional Tribal Style Bellydance using the guidelines of classical art and the science of anatomy to communicate an absolute style. We hope you will join us in our enthusiasm for Tribal in its original form. These workshops are open to the public. A great way to get started in ATS, or brush up on your ATS skills. Participants should plan to attend the entire Tribal:Pura workshop. Please see schedule for a full listing of classes.

Two 6-hour days.
Limited to 25 people

General Skills Certification
Sunday, September 11 through Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A 20-hour intensive presenting all 70+ steps from the FCBD ATS vocabulary along with cues, formations, lead and follow, chorus, music theory for ATS and functional anatomy for dance. Students must attend all 20 hours, no exceptions. Certificate awarded upon completion.

Limited to 20 people.
Four 5-hour days with two hours for breaks, lunch and drills: 7 studio hours daily.

ATS Teacher Training*
Thursday and Friday, September 15 and 16, 2011

For graduates of GS for ATS who are also teaching or performing other styles of Tribal, Tribal Fusion or Oriental Dance.

Curriculum will include instruction on the presentation of ATS, its history and principles; instruction, physical cueing, assessing student needs and answering common questions; starting a class; and troubleshooting.

*This training is stage one for teachers interested in becoming a FCBD Sister Studio. Sister Studios teach exclusively FCBD format. Students need approval from Carolena to be considered for Sister Studio status.

Two 5-hour days.
Limited to 10 people

Student Requirements:
These courses are not for beginners. Dancers must have previous experience with some element of ATS, Tribal, Tribal Fusion or Oriental Dance.

Students must be fluent in English, no exceptions.
For GS and TT, students will be asked to submit a dance bio, limited to one page, upon acceptance to the program. This should include their experience with ATS, any personal comments, not be a resumé listing everything they have ever done but simply summary relevant to ATS and the students’ goal for certification.
Students will receive supporting materials on the first day of class. Review of Tribal Basics Vol. 1-8 DVDs is recommended.
Please bring: zils, a notebook, full skirt and choli are best but not mandatory.