Children’s Creative Dance Class

An exploration of movement for young dancers  (girls and boys), emphasizing creative use of fundamental movements, musicality & rhythm sense, positive group dynamics and the development of genuine expression through the child’s whole being.

Through a variety of exercises and games, we will explore sound, space, movement quality, personal creativity and group cooperation through dance.   

This class balances the opportunity for individual expression with a strong emphasis on creative collaboration and interpersonal skills. Though not a bellydance class, it uses the principles of improvisation, spatial awareness, rhythm sense and peripheral vision that have been developed in the format of American Tribal Style Bellydance. This form emphasizes group learning,  non-verbal cues and a strong sense of shared space and intention. These principles are applicable to all dancer forms and help instill a sense of connection and interdependence. 

We welcome new and returning students but need a committed cohort to make this class a go! Parents will be required to pre-register for an 8-week series.

Contact for more information.
758 Camino Baca Grande (main road)