American Tribal Style Bellydance: Young Women’s Mentorship

This program trains young women in American Tribal Style Bellydance (ATS) in the context of collaboration and commitment to a troupe. Classes offer an ongoing study of dance skills; cues, transitions and improvisational choreography; basic zills (finger cymbals) and music theory; costuming and performance; and exposure to diverse dance traditions influencing ATS. This mentorship offers young women the opportunity to explore creative ideas and artistic expression in a supportive, structured environment. In addition to the dance component of the program, clear communication, personal responsibility, collective decision-making, leadership, time and financial management are all emphasized as essential elements of a successful dance troupe. Through rehearsals and performances, the students are challenged to refine their artistic goals, take responsibility for planning and preparation, and gain confidence before an audience.

This mentorship requires a serious commitment and is by application only. The program is open to teen girls and young women between ages 13 and 20. Please contact Katie at for further information. Many thanks to Myra Krien and the SEEDs program for essential inspiration.

For information about private or semi-private lessons, troupe mentorships and special workshops in American Tribal Style, please contact